Visiting Salt Lake City - What to See and Do

(Salt Lake City International Airport SLC, Utah - UT, USA)

Salt Lake City is a charming place of significant historical and religious history, set amid a breathtaking backdrop of mountains and scenic beauty.

Visitors will enjoy its architectural delights including the Utah State Capitol building and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Settled by pioneers in the late 1800s, the city has become a center for Mormons, taking on a religious character that is complemented by more contemporary visitor attractions.

Regardless of whether you are religiously inclined or not, watching a performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the Tabernacle is a must during any visit to Salt Lake City, while the Latter Day Saints other prestigious buildings provide the majority of the city's other highlights. Since hosting the 2002 Olympic Games, the city has seen a renewed boom in amenities and facilities, making it an even more attractive destination with improved tourist infrastructure.

Ten things you must do in Salt Lake City

  • Visit the city's religious architectural wonders including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake Temple, Latter Day Saints Conference Center and the Mormon Tabernacle.
  • Listen and enjoy a performance by the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir, who regularly perform at the Tabernacle.
  • Watch the NBA's Utah Jazz basketball team play a game at the Delta Center.
  • Admire unusual birds and other animals at the city's two favorite animal hotspots, the Tracy Aviary and Utah's Hogle Zoo.
  • Take a drive out of the city and explore the surrounding natural wonders, with highlights being Big Cottonwood Canyon and Great Salt Lake.
  • Cool off and enjoy dozens of water slides at the city's most exciting water park, Raging Waters.
  • Trace the city's early history from the times of the first pioneer settlers at This is the Place State Park, Wheeler Historic Farm or the Pioneer Memorial Museum.
  • Explore the city's art galleries, which house everything from contemporary exhibitions to Native American art as well as permanent collections of works by European masters.
  • Visit the Utah State Capitol building for good view over the city and a close up glimpse of this striking monument.
  • Relax at one of the city's green and lush parks, the most unique being the International Peace Gardens, with its symbolic garden plots representing each nation, and Gilgal Gardens, with its statues and famous literary quotes.

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